23 thoughts on “Angry Photographer: Part2 – TOP 4 Best-Value NIKON DSLR categories in 5 cameras & why

  1. Barry Schreiber says:

    Following your advice, I just bought a D7000 and now need to get a lens. I am JUST starting. I found a Nikkor f2 D on Ebay but it says its an AI. You recommended this lens in another of your videos, but you didn't mention the Ai. Is there a difference? Should I get this?

  2. j robbie says:

    How do you compare D810 to D700 (in 2015-16) when the functionality of the 810 expanded the 700's capabilities, and the 800 series replaced the 700 in 2012? As a D700 owner since '08 I find it laughable that nikon screwed the public w/ D800 -800E – 810.
    If your intent was advise that the D700 (used) is a viable alternative to spending big bucks on the 810 ….Amen. But to pass it off as an initial of the 750(?), No, NO! The 750 is a cleaned up 610, and you know it. Nikon screwed everybody w/the 600 series period. Realizing that one cannot bit-the hand-that feeds, perhaps one can influence Nikon that some shooters only want to shoot photos only… No video. Plus we desire a camera built w/ the reliable of those manufactured in Japan. Persuantly, the D700 and D3s are great cost effective photo instruments. Successive upgrades have been costly bells and whistles.

    ps 7500, 3500, huh, buy a Coolpix and save up to buy a camera.

  3. Eiji Fuller says:

    I sold one of my D750s and picked up a used D4 with 11,000 shutter clicks for less than $2000. I would take the D4 over the D750 any day of the week. It also beats the pants off the D500 in the low light music photography I do.

  4. Vincent McCloskey says:

    I don't have enough money to go full frame, and I have a few DX lenses, what camera would you recommend upgrading to? Currently own a D3300 and am quite happy with it to be honest, but want something a little more capable

  5. Carmine Taverna says:

    Ken thanks to you and your informative videos, and knowledge, I just picked up a Nikon D7000, 22,270 clicks, for $326..from Roberts used photo pro, i have been shooting a Nikon F since 1973 and Nikon F5 for years ..FILM :p.. I am very happy with the D7000, thanks to your recommendation and topped it off with the SB26 Speedlight also happy with your recommendation. .keep up these wonderful videos,…
    Carmine Taverna from NYC

  6. John Morris says:

    And just from your recommendation Ken I was able to get a used D7000 w/kit lens for right at $500. Had less than 7000 shutter clicks on it. That was the first thing I checked. Awesome camera

  7. Leigh Busby says:

    I returned a Nikon D7000 today from Amazon,I now have the choice between the Nikon D7100 and the Nikon D7200,which would you get ? D7200 ,I need faster and better low light and improved processor and HIGHER BUFFER RATE

  8. Ambrosion says:

    After watching this video I'm considering buying the D700. I want to go into portrait photography, it's only a hobby at the moment. My current body is a D3300 since Im starting out, would my Best buy be the D700?

  9. Dennis W says:

    Just for kicks I searched ebay and Amazon. I seen what they are calling a "like new" D700 for $350. I wonder how many she has on it for that? That could be steal for somebody.

  10. Gonzalo Cantero says:

    Great video! I was planning on buying a 7100 on blackfriday, this video has convinced me. I still have my doubts with lenses. Should I stick with kit-lens or go body only and find a nice lens? Tight budget. Any ideas there? Thank you! Very nice job

  11. dante dev says:

    Ken, new d750 or used d800 OR D500?All almost same price. Having D3s under my belt currently, awesome but quite intimidating to do street/travel photography..

  12. calvin seigler says:

    The D7000 should actually be avoided. I have it and it has oil on the sensor. I'm around 24,000 actuations and cleaned once around 22,000. After a month and 2,000 shots oil came back and visible at F/16. It's not worth it. Go with something besides the D600.

  13. James R says:

    I bought 2 D700s on Ken's recommendation.  I feel the D700 represents top value for the dollar and is especially great for those of us who have large hands.  My best pictures have been gotten from the D700.  It is an exciting camera to use.   I tried the D750 and it is now  good camera that Nikon has worked out the bugs in it.  The D750 though feels kind of toy like with its DX like set up compared to the D700 pro built like a tank set up.  The D750 is also smaller and my fingers feel a bit squeezed, however it shoots excellent images and is good for medium hands.  I have pretty much lost all interest in DX format.    I think the next jump for me will be the D800e as although I love the D810 they are kind of expensive as I like having 2 cameras of same model for back up.  Meanwhile I m building up my glass collection until I can get the D800e.

  14. xxxblackmamba120xxx says:

    i have been going over this upgrade for about a month now, going over your videos. i do have a question for you. I just had my first child and would love to just take pictures of everything we do with our family. I'm on the fence over the D700 and the D7100, I have a few FX lenses already so what do you think would be the best option?

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