25 thoughts on “Nikon D500 Hands On Review: The Best DSLR of 2016?

  1. Preferred Stock says:

    Panasonic make the best articulating touch screens. My G2, G5 and GH4 had awesome screens and these are old cameras. I've also got a D500 and D810. Nikon and Canon are way behind on touchscreens. You'd think that a camera worth over 2000 would have all the bells and whistles but the D500 comes very close to being the ultimate DSLR.

  2. pRo gaMerZ says:

    I can not decide between this and the d750 I do landscapes and portraits equally then sports then some low light. Video quality would be one of my least concerns. Some people say this is better and some say the d750 is better

  3. m p says:

    Yea that DX is awkward once you've shot FF, although I do enjoy the 35/2 and 85/1.8 on her just fine. Of course, 200-500 is stellar. After a rental I was thinking "no" but if Photokina is a dud I may revisit that decision as I just want more speed than my D750 can provide

  4. jariol says:

    Good review only thing I can say is you mention the price difference between the D300 and D500 almost like there was a huge price difference. I have a D300 not 300s I can tell you I paid only a $100 difference between buying my D300 and when I purchased my D500 given I purchased the D300 9 years ago. Everyone mentions price like the D300 was a cheap $1000 body. The $100 price difference between the 2 cameras is evaporated when you consider the depriciation of the dollar over the last 9 years the D500 is actually cheaper than the D300

  5. Vueey Le says:

    Bought the D500 a month ago and boy its a great camera and like you said it is aimed at different users. I used this camera for various Fashion Catwalks in South Australia (Mercedes Benz Black Dress, Adelaide Fashion Festival Launch, SA Hair & Beauty and Loreal Matrix Playground) and this thing is definitely a pro level camera. Its snappy to get the shots, AF is reliable and it is built well too!
    Happily retired my D3s for the D500, happily use the D750 for detailed shots and the D500 for the quick action shots. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh also the back-lit buttons is a life saver sometimes, especially when you're in a dark environment!

  6. Lorsey Jones says:

    I have Lexar XQD 32GB 2933X CARDS AND Pro Master 32GB SDHC II UHS-II card as well and that SD card takes all of the speed with no problem. I shot 4K video on that SD CARD without any problems or interruptions. I just need a external flash for my D500 without paying $400, Any suggestions?

  7. thebuckfstopshere says:

    this camera is killing me.. I currently own a d7000 with a handful of lenses (18-105 kit, 35 1.8, 11-16 2.8 and fx compatible 70-200 2.8 and 14 2.8) I like to shoot primarily landscape and some astrophotography (with the 2.8 lenses), but I also enjoy taking my camera to the track to shoot auto races, as best as I can.. I've been saving for a d750 for awhile and was getting ready to pull the trigger on it, but now that I see this it's making the decision pretty damn difficult. Any opinions? thanks in advance!!

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